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View the updated exhibitor FAQ document. 

Why participate in the 2023 Innovative Technology Exchange (Exchange)?
The Exchange is a key element of the overall Vizient Innovative Technology program and offers suppliers extraordinary exposure and connections with healthcare providers from Vizient hospitals. The Exchange allows suppliers to present their latest, most impactful unique solutions in a fast-paced, hands-on event where members have an opportunity to experience products, understand how better clinical and operational outcomes can be gained using these products and ask questions. Visibility at the event helps members arrive at their contract award and designation recommendations.

Which suppliers qualify to participate in the 2023 Exchange?
1. Suppliers with innovative technologies that have well-reasoned and differentiated clinical improvements or operational benefits over other products and services available in the marketplace.
2. Suppliers with innovative products seeking an Innovative Technology contract with Vizient, either because vendor does not have a current Vizient contract or because current contract is in a different product category.
3. Incumbent suppliers with a unique product claiming meaningful clinical or operational benefit that was added to a Vizient contract since January 1, 2021. This includes any product in the process of being added to current contract as long as it will be available on Vizient contract by June 1, 2023.

What is the product fee?
If supplier’s product or service is accepted for the 2023 Exchange, supplier will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions and pay $2,500 per approved product. Each approved product or service will receive its own booth space.

What is provided with the product fee?

Each approved product or service secures entrance to the 2023 Exchange for up to three (3) representatives, an individual booth space with one (1) 6-foot standard, skirted exhibit table, one (1) stool and table signage.

How do we prepare ahead of time to take full advantage of the opportunity of showing a product or service at the 2023 Exchange?
Whether your objective at the 2023 Exchange is to gain additional visibility for a product already on contract or whether you are seeking a Vizient Innovative Technology contract for your product or service, your preparation is the same. Bring the right product or equipment so members can, wherever possible, experience using your product themselves. This hands-on approach is one of the most often cited reasons members enjoy this event.

Clinical improvements and other advantages the featured product or service offers, above and beyond alternatives in the marketplace, should be your focus at the booth. Concentrating on the unique features and evidence of enhanced outcomes for the product will establish a strong basis for supplier’s claims of innovations and help members with their contract and designation recommendations. In addition, plan to have staff at your table during the 2023 Exchange hours (October 3rd, 1:00 – 4:00 pm), who are knowledgeable about the products or services you are showing. Samples, brochures, clinical studies, and white paper handouts are encouraged.

Who will be attending the Exchange?

Attendees will include clinicians, sourcing executives and service-line leaders with responsibility for clinical quality and patient safety from member organizations around the country. Many members of Vizient leadership and staff will also participate, particularly those from business units responsible for supply chain contracting.

Since I have room on my table, can I show an additional product or service? 

From the application you submitted, Vizient has approved the only product and service you are allowed to show at your table. Other products cannot be added on the day of the event.

What can I display in my booth if accepted?
If your product is selected to participate in the event, you can display the actual product, a table drape, and a single banner stand (40” W x 8’ H) branded to the accepted product or company brand only. Larger backdrops will not be accepted at this event.


Will I be able to utilize our typical show display materials?

We encourage suppliers to maintain the focus on the technologies being showcased rather than the traditional exhibit hall. Suppliers may bring one standard pull up banner stand (40” X 8’). Vizient does not allow the use of additional display materials (full booth pop-up displays or tabletop displays) at this event.

Does my product fee include electricity or internet access?

Electricity, internet access, AV equipment, material handling and additional furniture is at the exhibitor’s expense You will receive an Exhibitor Service Kit from The Expo Group prior to the event with order forms for all services and equipment. This information will be sent to all suppliers confirmed to participate.

Will you be offering a lead collection device?

The exchange is focused on members’ understanding of the innovative products and services shown for contracting and designation purposes, therefore we will not be offering a lead collection device for the 2023 Exchange.

How many badges are provided with each supplier registration?

Each supplier may register a total of three (3) representatives per approved product to work at your 2023 Exchange table. Additional representatives outside of the allotment of (3) per approved product will not be allowed access to the Exchange.

When will I know the results from showing my product or service at the 2023 Exchange?
For some exhibitors, you are showcasing a product or service already on an Innovative Technology contract. For you, the goal is exposure and there will be no further results provided from the event.

Some exhibitors do not currently have a contract with Vizient and are seeking one. Showing your product or service here is a part of that process. Some exhibitors are showing products that already reside on a Vizient contract, but they are seeking an Innovative Technology designation. Both types of determinations will be made by member councils following the event. Because each group has their own meeting schedules some decisions may take longer than others. Please bear with us as we follow our process and gather the complete scope of member feedback required. It may be several weeks before we have a final answer for you.

What will be the dress code for the 2023 Exchange?

Attire for the 2023 Exchange is business casual.

Is there a host hotel for overnight accommodations?

The 2023 Exchange host hotel is the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center. Booking information will be provided once your product is accepted.

For general questions about the 2023 Exchange or the Innovative Technology program, email

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